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Message from the principal

学校長 酒寄 誠

Makoto Sakayori Principal

School Vision

“ To be an open and convivial school which provides general education for basic academic knowledge and builds foundational business skills in the students, so that they will be able to live and manage their life independently in the global business society and local societies.”

 Ota Sakuradai Senior High School was established in 2009 as a new type of specialized high school featuring Business Communication Courses. We encourage our students attend college or university after graduation. There are only two of this type of specialized high school in Tokyo. Our educational objective is to educate and foster students not only in standard subjects but also in business related subjects such as bookkeeping, accounting and information technology. Our curriculum is unique and specialized for those who want to study liberal arts, social sciences and humanities based degrees in college, and eventually become businesspeople who can actively contribute in business societies.

 I was hired by the Tokyo Metropolitan City Government in Feb. 2012, and have been appointed as the 2nd principal of this school since April 2012. My background is a global businessperson with more than 30 years of experience. I had been involved in businesses with overseas markets and conducted business with variety of people in many countries. I have been to 33 counties and lived abroad for over 13 years. I believe that my career is representative of our educational principles.

The current world is getting smaller and smaller spatiotemporally, and we must expand our horizons to outside of Japan. Therefore we should foster the next generation in Japan so they can be successful amongst the accelerating globalization and the take the initiative in the next generation. Our school provides education with the principles of “Global” and “Communication”.

 We help prepare our students to live in business societies via colleges, so we put emphasis on foundational business skills as well as career development education in the curriculum. We expect our students to choose departments and colleges based on their ideal future occupation. By improving their business knowledge, our students are able to envisage their future in business. We teach and assist them in order to look and think deeply so that they can find a future path and ultimately could be responsible for their future.

 I firmly believe that communication is an important skill needed to thrive amongst ongoing globalization and live in business societies. Therefore we put a strong focus on communication in our education. Our Japanese and English classes take leads from this perspective, and also Business related classes promote communication development. An example is our Presentation Skills class which is unique and only available at our school. This class helps develop many skills, such as research, collaboration, planning and writing a presentation, as well as visual and oral presentation skills.

 It’s also very important to recognize and understand different values from communication viewpoint. We raise our students’ awareness of these values in the world through various activities such as American Camp in 1st year and the Career Up School Trip in 2nd year at Hiroshima University, which includes activities with foreign students. We invite foreign students to our school when they come to Japan on school trips and conduct exchange programs. It’s my firm belief that recognition, understanding and respect on different values can be born from experiences of physical meeting and face to face talks.

 We welcome non-Japanese students to our school. Students from countries such as the Philippines, China, Turkey and Nepal have come to study at our school. All of our students share and learn about their different values through daily school life, studying and interacting together. However, it should be noted that our curriculum requires a certain level of Japanese ability. Bookkeeping is one example, it is explained with special terminologies and questions are written in long Japanese sentences. In this regard, our school requires higher level of Japanese than standard high schools.

 From global communication viewpoint, we, of course, put emphasis on English. It’s an extremely important communication tool and an International Language. We focus on practical and applicable English, especially developing Speaking and Listening skills. We offer largest number of English classes and units among public schools in Tokyo. I use English at our school opening and ending ceremonies.

 Meanwhile, what are differences between Japanese children and other countries children? I think they are “Independence”, “Self-control”, “Deep Thinking Skills” and “Behavior”. Japanese tend to rely on parents, teachers and friends, and students have not yet developed deep thinking skills and behavioral awareness. They sometimes show reluctance in finding issues or a new task. Do you think you’ve seen or encountered these situations? Through guidance and assistance, we help develop skills across these four areas in order for our students to work successfully in future business societies. We encourage our students to be proactive, take initiative and think deeply about issues and their behavior.

To conclude, I’d like to mention that high school is a period when children experience rapid mental and physical development. In preparation for adult life, 10 or 20 years down the line I encourage my students to be involved in not only academic studies but also sports and artistic pursuits, and to enjoy their high school life, actively participating in school and sports and cultural events.


About Us

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to our High School!

Our high school is home to over 500 active, enthusiastic young people, who value learning both within the classroom and outside it. We are proud of our academic achievements, as well as our strong programs in the Fine Arts, athletics and our extra-curricular programs. In all we do, we are guided by our mission to ・・・・・・