Welcome to Ota Sakuradai High School!

Message from the principal

Thank you for visiting our website.

Ota Sakuradai High School opened in 2011 as a technical high school specializing in Business and English Communication curriculums. We endeavor to support students to continue their studies in tertiary education. This spring marks the 10th anniversary of the school’s opening.

Ota Sakuradai’s Vision and Mission are as following:


A lively and welcoming school that provides basic scholastic knowledge and training for students to gain independence and thrive in our global society


Foster thoughtful and considerate students

Acquire basic scholastic and cultural knowledge in order to flourish as international citizens Cultivate abilities and qualities that will allow students to contribute to the business world Create a bright and welcoming school atmosphere

Adhering to our school’s Vision and Mission and through the two pillars of our curriculum, ‘Practical English’ and ‘Useful Business’ , we encourage our students to participate in the following activities.

Achieve in high grade contests and tournaments

Experiential study involving enterprise, community, cooperation and public administration

Surveying, research and presentation

Experience practical applications of the English language

Ota Sakuradai High School is full of friendly faces in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We look forward to you being a part of our community.

Akihiko Takayama



About Us

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to our High School!

Our high school is home to over 500 active, enthusiastic young people, who value learning both within the classroom and outside it. We are proud of our academic achievements, as well as our strong programs in the Fine Arts, athletics and our extra-curricular programs. In all we do, we are guided by our mission to ・・・・・・